2016 was a stimulating year in photography. I re-started an IG account @christine.l.riek. In it, I explored my relationship to my neighbourhood. I set out with no particular goal in mind. I finished with a set of concepts that helped me organize my thoughts:

  • one shooting, one swan – I began posting one photo of a swan for each reported shooting incident in my hometown of Surrey BC
  • prairie drive-by – photographs of Kensington Prairie, the agricultural area surrounding my residential neighbourhood in South Surrey, taken while driving through the landscape
  • the fable of the stump and the glacial erratic – a story of residential development in the area, expressed through the manipulation in the environment of uprooted old tree stumps and re-surfaced glacial erratic rocks
  • staid beneath my feet – patterns in the sidewalks and roads near my house, found on my daily dog walks
  • rock paper scissors arugula – an ongoing collection of photos of rock (glacial erratics), paper (tree stumps), scissors (environmental manipulation by beavers and humans), and arugula (my name for the resident swan in the local pond, a symbol of capriciousness)
  • lawnguistic – found patterns in my neighbours’ highly manicured lawns
  • gardening with erratics – the use of glacial erratics in residential flower beds
  • looking out my pickup window – a road trip through the north-east US as experienced from the passenger side of a Ford F150 pickup truck
  • l’ennuie canadienne – thanks to an IG follower, an idea on which to hang my black and white photographs