This year I was fortunate to be chosen again to exhibit 6 photographs at the Maple Ridge ACT Gallery’s Ensemble show, November 21 – December 19, 2015.

This set of work, Public Voices Private Property, is an exploration of communication and censorship as we experience it in the urban built environment. Images of “private” protest graffiti and “public” good Samaritan messages are superimposed onto common urban elements, through the use of digital photomontage.

The photomontaged elements include:

  • graffiti printout at Terminal City Iron Works in East Vancouver
  • digitally-restored protest graffiti printout from Commercial Drive alleys
  • a “silence” reminder electronically projected onto the floor the the Freiburg Cathedral
  • an eroding banner from a former protest site under the Arthur Laing Bridge
  • a legal liability message from an East Vancouver parkade
  • an environmental reminder printed near sewer grates in a Costco parking lot in Langley
  • a sand-filled ashtray on Granville Island
  • a street lamp on West Broadway
  • an access hatch cover in Kitsilano