Six of my photographic collages were accepted into the Maple Ridge Art Gallery’s Ensemble show, November 22 – December 20, 2014.

These six collages, part of a collection of nine in total, All Happening From The Inside, resulted from my interest in exploring the implications of Instagram on my vision as a photographer. Images of graffiti and street art are arranged in a 3 by 3 grid, mimicking the look of an Instagram grid on a smart phone screen.

I first photographed graffiti on the Berlin Wall in 1981, shooting black and white film and developing it in my basement darkroom. Since then, graffiti and street art in that great city have changed and become prolific, and I’ve switched to shooting images with a digital camera and my iPhone. In the past 5 years, I’ve returned to Berlin four times, capturing hundreds of new images. This has led me to look for graffiti and street art on my home streets in the Greater Vancouver area. From March to November 2014, I shared over 300 of these images on Instagram and looked at thousands of street art images shared by others. But to what end? This collection documents the beginning of my Instagram journey.

  • “I’m fed up with these Hipstamatic and Instagram images. When you’re shooting a trash bin using Instagram, you end up with a pretty picture, but the photographer has nothing to do with it … With Instagram and Hipstamatic, it’s all a gimmick. It’s pure laziness.” (Jean-Francois Leroy, photojournalist)
  • “… it’s only cardboard balls, seamed in glue, overwhelming technique, done through diligence. It’s all happening from the inside, you say? Done from the inside, where it barely shows on the outside. It’s remarkable, I say. I think this is the best batch yet.” (lyrics from “Best Batch Yet” by Captain Beefheart”.